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Pelikanblut Nina Hoss

Pelican Blood

  • Katrin Gebbe
  • Nina Hoss
  • Katerina Lipovska
  • Yana Marinova
  • Murathan Muslu
  • Samia Muriel Chancrin
  • Germany
  • Bulgaria
  • 2020
German Film Award
  • «1 Nomination»
Pelikanblut Artwork

Wiebke (Nina Hoss) lives with her adopted daughter Nikolina on an idyllic riding stables. And after many years of waiting, she finally has the chance to adopt another girl (Raya) from Bulgaria. Nikolina is excited to finally have a little sister and for the first few weeks, the family lives in perfect harmony. The new sisters get on wonderfully together. But soon Wiebke realizes that Raya is hiding something. She is becoming more and more aggressive, a danger both to herself and to others.

It’s Nikolina who takes the brunt of her attacks, but Wiebke’s relationships and friendships are also at breaking point. Finally, to save her family, she bites the bullet and makes a decision which ends up having dire consequences.
Skillfully combining drama and psychothriller, PELICAN BLOOD is exciting, genre-busting entertainment.