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In theaters 12. October 2023


Wim Wenders
Anselm Kiefer, Daniel Kiefer, Anton Wenders
Theatrical release date
12. October 2023

In Anselm, Wim Wenders paints a portrait of one of the most innovative and important painters and sculptors of our time: Anselm Kiefer. Shot in 3D and in 6K-resolution, the film allows the audience to experience a cinematic journey through the creative work of a man whose art explores human existence and the cyclical nature of history, inspired by literature and poetry, history, philosophy, science, mythology and religion.

For more than two years, Wenders followed Kiefer’s path, linking the stages of his life and the essential places of his work, in a career now spanning more than five decades between Kiefer’s native Germany and France, his current creative home.

Pictures: ANSELM © 2023, Road Movies: photograph by Wim Wenders