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Bernadette Knoller
Detlev Buck
Jerome Hirthammer
Britta Hammelstein
Inga Busch
Theatrical release date
7. July 2016

Finding fleeting joy in imperfection, the heroine in HOLIDAYS is finally able to free herself from the pressure of having to prove herself.

Vivian Baumann (Britta Hammelstein) is exhausted. Actually she’s well on her way to becoming a state prosecutor and moving in with her boyfriend, but right now she just can’t cope any more. She tries finding refuge on her mother’s sofa, but there’s no room for her there.

Thinking all she really needs is some proper relaxation, her father (Detlev Buck) ships her off to an island, where in her suitcase she discovers all kinds of good advice for positive thinking and self improvement.

But Vivi still feels out of her depth. Slowly though she explores the island, makes friendships with its strange inhabitants, takes a job in a small shop and rents a room from single mother Biene (Inga Busch) and her 13-year-old son Eric.