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The Perfect Candidate

Haifaa Al Mansour
Mila Alzahrani
Nora Al Awadh
Dae Al Hilali
Theatrical release date
12. March 2020

Funny, subtle and optimistic, PERFECT CANDIDATE is the story of a courageous woman caught between strict tradition and cautious emancipation in her patriarchal homeland.

Young Saudi doctor Maryam has had enough. Her travel permit hasn’t been extended again and for years now the road to her surgery hasn’t been tarmacked. Finally, Maryam is no longer prepared to accept the miserable conditions at the hospital or her limited opportunities as a woman.

If no-one else is going to bring about change, then she’ll just have to do it herself. Outraged but determined, Maryam is the first female candidate to stand for City Councillor. And it’s not just a shock for the male official who’s held the post for years, it’s a surprise for her family too.