10 Questions to…Phyllis Nagy

In our interview series we again ask “Ten Questions to…” a person who is part of our stories. We are especially pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Phyllis Nagy, director of CALL JANE and already known to us as the screenwriter of CAROL.

What is your greatest youthful sin?

Political apathy. We thought the world could become a better place without our active participation in democratic processes. 

Are you sometimes envious?

Yes. Though I would classify it more as angvious (anger + envy). It passes.

Which person, who has already died, would you like to see again?

Patricia Highsmith.

If you could change something about society overnight, what would it be?


Do you decide according to moral considerations before you act, or is it enough for you to be able to morally justify these actions afterwards?

Always before, which has been at times detrimental in my profession.

What can you only bear with humour?


For what would you not forgive a friend?

Betrayal, as it most often springs from a lack of courage or moral conviction.

What do you hope to gain from travelling?

Being itinerant suits me; one is both invisible to and subsumed by their shifting environments.

Do you know any animals with a sense of humour?

My cats at 3:00 AM.

If you could change something in your life overnight, what would it be?

I would become 25 years younger, but only knowing everything I know now about how the world works.