10 slightly different questions with… Alessandro Borghi

Alessandro Borghi, Le Otto Montagne fotografiert am ZFF 22
«Ten slightly different questions with…» is a new Interview Series by DCM that asks ten – slightly different – questions to people that are part of our stories.
Our claim? Find answers that we (and you) don’t know yet. Our inspiration? Besides our passion for cinema and film we make use of the Max Frisch questionnaire.
The ten questions are selected from a pool of 30 questions, which means some of them might be recurring. We try to adapt the questions to our counterpart; depending on what we want to know the most about them.
This time we had the pleasure to sit down with Alessandro Borghi, one of the main actors in ‘LE OTTO MONTAGNE’.
Here are ten slightly different questions with….Alessandro Borghi!

“I think I’m good at making people laugh and I’m a professional hugger”

What do you need to complete your happiness?

I’m gonna answer you with two things. The first one is that I am extremely happy. I really feel like I’m a lucky man. I’ve had a lot of opportunities that I never thought in my life I could achieve in terms of relations with people, in terms of work. But If I’d have to say one thing, important for me in my life is the possibility to at some point feel free to leave to different places. I don’t want to be based in just one place because I really love to meet different people, different cultures and all that stuff. I’m getting older every day – I turned 36 last week – so right now it’s time to understand where I want to live, where I want to stay, who I want to deal with. I think that I have a lot of places that I really love. Probably one of the places I love the most is Bali, Indonesia. That’s a place where I can really disconnect my mind, relax and enjoy the people and the free time I have there. So I think that’s it. The importance of not only working, working, working, perform, perform, perform, but taking care of my mind too.

Have you ever considered emigration?

Yes, lots of times. But I have to say that maybe in that sense I’m not very brave. I often think about moving to another place. Actually, when I was 20-25 years old, I dreamed about the USA and all that stuff but after 1-2 months I was like “maybe I have to come back home”. And you know, I am from Rome, my family is very traditional, I really love my mum and dad and every time I think about them far from me, I am scared that I might hurt them in some way. That’s why for me there is a little line between being selfish and thinking about what makes me happy. It’s very complicated.

Your favorite cinema?

For different reasons but mainly because I have a lot of memories there from when I lived in London for 1,5 years: the IMAX ODEON in London.

Mountain or Sea?


The first cinema movie you remember?

I’m pretty sure that was Toy Story. Actually, thinking about it right now is strange because currently we are trying to convince people to come back to the cinema in Italy. We are going through a very complicated moment and I remember that back then, about 25 years ago, watching Toy Story with my mum, people were sitting on the stairs in the movie theatre because it was so crowded. I remember me sitting in the seat and my mother sitting on the stairs next to me.

You take a friend to the city/your hometown – where do you bring them?

Oh, definitely to my home. It’s the best place I can bring them.

What’s a must have topping on your favorite pizza?

Well, I have a pizza restaurant in Rome so I can answer you that one easily. My favorite Pizza is Margherita. It just has to be a bit high. So not the tiny one but the Napolitana one.

The last song you listened to?

Act Right feat. Jeezy & YG

Summer or Winter?

Definitely summer.

Your secret talent?

That’s complicated for me to answer. I might have to ask my wife, maybe she knows about something that I really don’t know about. I don’t think I have a secret talent to be honest. I think that I’m good at making people laugh. And I’m very good at hugging people. I’m a professional hugger.

LE OTTO MONTAGNE – in cinemas January 5th 2023