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  • Züli Aladag
  • Nadja Uhl
  • Arzu Bazman
  • Christoph Maria Herbst
  • Christoph Letkowski
  • Germany
  • 2015

Ever since the Foreign Office’s ruthless Dr. Ludwig Sarheimer (Christoph Maria Herbst) threatened “illegal freeloaders and goatherds” with deportation, Cologne has become a risky place for migrants to live. Mosque director Demirkan (Vedat Erincin), who procures brides from the Turkish homeland for young men – even if their German language certificates have to be forged – is indignant and sets about defending himself against the oppressive authorities.

And accustomed to the independence of being a student in Cologne, Demirkan’s own daughter Lale (Pegah Ferydoni) is taking up arms against her father’s trade in traditional marriages. But when she falls in love with colleague and Sarheimer’s nephew Marc (Christoph Letkowski), things get even more complicated.

Satirizing everyday German-Turkish clichés, 300 WORDS GERMAN is a hilarious tongue-in-cheek comedy.