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DCM production


Simply Other

  • Detlev Buck
  • Katharina Hirschberg
  • Harriet Herbig-Matten
  • Benjamin Weygand
  • Holger Stockhaus
  • Franziska Weisz
  • Kurt Krömer
  • Germany
  • 2022

This time around, everything is different at the Martinshof: Bibi and Tina welcome three new holiday guests called Disturber, Silence and Spooky. Silence doesn’t speak, Spooky believes in aliens and Disturber challenges Bibi, making it her goal to ruin Bibi’s day.  Disturber’s mistrust eventually drives her away from the Martinshof and into the arms of the mysterious V. Arscher, who stages an elaborate vendetta against Count Falko.

The excitement about a sudden meteorite shower from space comes just in time as it helps V. Arscher and Disturber cause panic in all of Falkenstein! Nobody understands what is happening anymore. But when making his revenge plans, V. Arscher had not reckoned with Bibi and Tina and their new friends…