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  • Felix van Groeningen
  • Charlotte Vandermeersch
  • Alessandro Borghi
  • Luca Marinelli
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium

EIGHT MOUNTAINS is the film adaptation of the award-winning bestseller by Paolo Cognetti.

Pietro is a boy from the city, Bruno the last child of a forgotten mountain village. Daringly they explore the abandoned houses of the mountain village, roam through valleys on endless summer days, follow the torrent to its source. Years later, they take different paths. While Bruno founds a family in his home village and yet never really feels at home, Pietro is drawn to the wide world.

The invisible bond between them, however, brings Pietro back home again and again, in search of refuge and friendship.
But they have long since disagreed on where to find happiness in life.

EIGHT MOUNTAINS is a production of Wildside, Pyramide Productions and Rufus/Menuetto in co-production with Vision Distribution. DCM is distributing the film in Germany and Switzerland.

The film had its world premiere in May 2022 on the occasion of the Cannes International Film Festival competition, where it was awarded the Prix du jury.