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DCM co-production

Fabian going to the dogs

  • Dominik Graf
  • Tom Schilling
  • Saskia Rosendahl
  • Albrecht Schuch
  • Meret Becker
  • Germany
  • 2021

It’s the early Thirties and Jakob Fabian (Tom Schilling) is living in Berlin. He works by day as a copywriter in a cigarette factory, and by night he hits the bars, brothels and artist’s studios with best friend Labude (Albrecht Schuch). In these uncertain times, there’s not much for Fabian to do and so he comments ironically on events as they occur. After a tragic split-up, Labude plunges headlong into a world of excess and love affairs, while Fabian meets self-confident law student Cornelia Battenberg (Saskia Rosendahl) one day. Thanks to her, he’s able to snap out of his pessimism for a time. But when, out of the blue, Labude commits suicide, Fabian finally turns his back on Berlin to take refuge at his parents.

In FABIAN – GOING TO THE DOGS fate catches up with the protagonists time and time again. A tense and sympathetic depiction of life in a Berlin rapidly going to the dogs.