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DCM co-production


  • Hermine Huntgeburth
  • Jan Bülow
  • Claude Albert Heinrich
  • Charly Hübner
  • Julia Jentsch
  • Martin Brambach
  • Detlev Buck
  • Ruby O. Fee
  • Germany
  • 2020

From Udo Lindenberg’s (Jan Bülow) West German childhood in Gronau to his decisive stage debut in Hamburg in 1973, from his early beginnings as a talented drummer and his adventures at a US military base in the Libyan desert to the backlash against his first LP and his breakthrough with songs like Mädchen aus Ost-Berlin, Hoch im Norden and Andrea Doria, LINDENBERG! tells the story of a boy from rural Westphalia, who actually never had a chance, but took it anyway to become Germany’s best known rockstar and an idol in both East and West.

Selling over 4.4 million records, Udo Lindenberg is an icon of German rock music. LINDENBERG! is the beginning of his incredible story.