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  • Charly Hübner
  • Dimitrij Schaad
  • Anna Maria Mühe
  • Marc Hosemann
  • Johanna Gastdorf
  • Germany

After a restless night, Reiner’s doorbell rings. Standing in front of it is Morten de Sarg, who is actually his death. To his amazement, he does not succeed in letting Reiner die, but instead the doorbell rings again. Sophia has arranged to meet her ex-boyfriend for his mother Lore’s birthday.

Together they set off on a journey that eventually leads them to Reiner’s seven-year-old son Johnny, whom he hasn’t seen for ages. – All this under the strict supervision of God and archangel Michaela. SOPHIA, DEATH & ME is an insane, funny, touching and touching story about all that really matters in life.

Based on the bestselling novel by musician Thees Uhlmann.