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Crows – nature is watching us

Martin Schilt
Theatrical release date
16. November 2023

Corvids are the only animals that have observed and studied us humans for thousands of years and have the ability to pass this knowledge on to their offspring. No animal knows more about us than ravens and crows. They are our black chroniclers.

Crows and ravens have accompanied and watched us since the dawn of human history. They have seen our first steps in the upright walk and heard our first articulated sounds. They have conquered new continents with us and experienced all our wars and battles. They celebrate weddings with us, feed on the remnants of romantic picnics and wild parties, and make themselves at home on the garbage dumps of the megacities or as companions of the garbage collectors over our waste.
Crows and ravens follow us because we are the best hunters, the cruelest warriors, the biggest exploiters, the most wasteful consumers. There is always enough to eat near us. Almost everywhere where people live, there are also corvids.
And there are more and more!