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Brando Quilici
Claudia Gerini
Sunny Pawar
Amandeep Singh
Theatrical release date
20. October 2022

One night, Balmani rescues the tiger cub Mukti from unscrupulous poachers. They are able to escape together and embark on a long, dangerous journey to a remote sanctuary, high up in the Himalayas, to be safe from the poachers once and for all. Along the way, Balmani and Mukti develop more and more trust and affection for each other. They have to cover many kilometers together and are exposed to extreme challenges and weather conditions.

TIGER´S NEST is a big, visually stunning adventure and a captivating family entertainment film set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas about true friendship between man and animal. The film was directed by Italian filmmaker Brando Quilici, who has made numerous successful film projects for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, among others. His experiences shooting in wild nature and under extreme conditions are also reflected in TIGER´S NEST and the impressive images.