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Frauke Finsterwalder
Susanne Wolff
Sandra Hüller
Johanna Wokalek
Stefan Kurt
Theatrical release date
30. March 2023

In SISI & I, Frauke Finsterwalder casts a completely unique light on Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Far from the kitschy “Sissi” cliché, she portrays a woman who, for years without her husband, surrounded only by women, ventured on journeys throughout Europe, mastered six languages, practised high-performance sports and, with her free spirit, did not fit at all into the tight corset of the Viennese court. Sisi’s touching story is a feminist film full of biting dialogue. A gripping drama with elements of deep black comedy.

Frauke Finsterwalder (FINSTERWORLD) has assembled a great ensemble for her new feature film SISI & I: Sandra Hüller (International Actress Award, German Film Award, Bavarian Film Award, Actress of the Year, and many more), who has won numerous national and international awards, takes on the role of the court lady Irma, from whose perspective the film is told. Empress Sisi is played by Susanne Wolff (STYX, RETURN TO MONTAUK), who won the German Film Award.