Christian Duguay
Mélanie Laurent
Carole Bouquet
Pio Marmaï
Danny Huston
Carmen Kassovitz
Theatrical release date
10. August 2023

Zoe grows up happily on her parents’ horse farm. Her greatest wish is to become a jockey one day – just like her father. For Zoe, there’s nothing better than spending time with her best friend, the mare Beautiful Intrigue, who even taught her to walk as a toddler.

When Beautiful Intrigue gives birth to the foal Storm, Zoe is the first to recognize in him the extraordinary racehorse that her parents have been working towards all her life with their horse breeding. And she sees in him the future champion with whom she will ride to victory. But Zoe’s dreams are abruptly shattered in an accident when Storm accidentally injures the girl so badly that she is confined to a wheelchair from then on.

Angry at life, Zoe is overcome with pure despair, dragging her entire family with her as they are about to lose their life’s work. But with the support of her family and the help of Seb, a stable boy who has the gift of communicating with horses, Zoe tries the impossible to make her dream come true after all.