After the huge cinema successes of the four-part BIBI & TINA film series, filming began on the latest feature on 21th July 2021 with actors from the original Amazon series and directed by Detlev Buck.

Bibi (Katharina Hirschberg) and Tina (Harriet Herbig-Matten) meet three new holiday guests at Martinshof. They’re called Disturber, Silence and Spooky and are all a little bit different. Silence doesn’t talk, Spooky believes in aliens and Disturber keeps trying to get into fights with Bibi. It’s enough to wipe the smile off Bibi’s face.
Disturber’s mistrust eventually pushes her into the arms of the mysterious V. Arscher (Kurt Krömer), who’s carrying out an ingenious campaign of revenge against Count Falko (Holger Stockhaus). And for them, the excitement of a meteor shower from space has come at just the right time – throwing the whole of Falkenstein into panic. No-one’s safe anymore! But he hadn’t reckoned with Bibi and Tina and their new friends, who won’t be fooled.

“It’s highly unlikely, that we’re the only intelligent beings in the universe. People are often afraid of the unknown and cast it aside, but Bibi and Tina remain curious about what’s out there. There’s a song about it and not just one!” (Detlev Buck)

Once again, Peter Plate, Ulf Sommer and team are responsible for the music. Filming took place in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. DCM Film Distribution presents a DCM Pictures production in coproduction with Kiddinx Studios, Bucket and Boje Buck Produktion. Supported with funds from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the MDM Film Commission, the FFA (Filmförderungsanstalt) and the German Federal Film Fund.

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