Die vier DCM-Partner mit Wim Wenders in Cannes 2023, anlässlich der Weltpremieren von ANSELM und PERFECT DAYS. v.l.: Dario Suter, Wim Wenders, Marc Schmidheiny, Christoph Daniel, Joel Brandeis
February 16, 2024 is a particularly important day in our history, because DCM and Wim Wenders' production company "Road Movies" are entering into a partnership for a shared future.

Wim Wenders’ film production ROAD MOVIES will be led into a strong partnership on an equal footing through DCM’s participation. DCM is thus further expanding the area of film production as one of its strategic focal points and at the same time building on its previous collaboration with Wim Wenders. ROAD MOVIES will continue to produce under the well-known name. The first joint project is the documentary THE SECRET OF PLACES (working title), Wim Wenders’ long-term observation of the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

Most recently, DCM released the two feature films ANSELM – DAS RAUSCHEN DER ZEIT and PERFECT DAYS by Wim Wenders in German-speaking cinemas. PERFECT DAYS is already one of the most successful German arthouse film releases in 2023 and is also in the Oscar race for Japan in the “Best International Feature Film” category.

In addition to Wim Wenders, Marc Schmidheiny, partner and co-founder of DCM, will also act as Managing Director of ROAD MOVIES in the future.


“It had been years in the making for us to join forces with a strong partner. As Road Movies, we have an eventful past as one of the oldest independent production companies in the German-speaking world, but we have nevertheless been far too small for what we have been producing for some time, but then again too big to bridge the development phases between films well.


In DCM we have now found the partner we had hoped for, people of the highest integrity, creativity and love of film, who have built up a production and distribution company under whose roof I can concentrate better on future projects. I am delighted to have a dynamic and experienced partner in Marc Schmidheiny with a sure instinct for contemporary cinema.


While the catalog of over 50 of my films has found a safe haven at the Wim Wenders Foundation, ROAD MOVIES and DCM will open a new chapter to develop and realize future projects together.”


©Matthias Ziegler c/o Soothing Shade

© Matthias Ziegler c/o Soothing Shade




“This is a dream come true for DCM, whose foundation is built on commercial and international arthouse films. We have known Wim Wenders for several years through our joint work on the preparation of THE SECRET OF PLACES, the long-term documentary about the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.


In 2023, this collaboration continued with the distribution of Wim Wenders’ two most recent films, and we were able to write our first joint success story with ANSELM – DAS RAUSCHEN DER ZEIT and PERFECT DAYS. The trust that has grown over this time, the mutual appreciation, a shared creative vision for the future and, above all, the love of cinema that unites us were the basis for this new and exciting chapter at DCM.


We see our task as partners in continuing to create the space and opportunities for Wim Wenders to translate his inexhaustible creative power onto the screen.”



ROAD MOVIES was founded by Wim Wenders and has produced or co-produced over 100 of his own and other directors’ films to date. His best-known, award-winning films include PARIS, TEXAS, THE SKY ABOVE BERLIN, DON’T COME KNOCKING, BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, PALERMO SHOOTING, PINA, POPE FRANCISCUS – A MAN OF HIS WORD and, most recently, ANSELM – THE RUSH OF TIME. In addition to Wim Wenders’ diverse documentary and feature film productions, ROAD MOVIES will continue to produce selected art editions, such as the recent 3D installations TWO OR THREE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT EDWARD HOPPER and PRÉSENCE, THE ART OF CLAUDINE DRAI.



As a production company and independent film distributor, DCM has been bringing national and international films as well as in-house productions to the big screen and home screens since 2010 – always with the aim of creating to inspire. DCM’s award-winning films include THE ARTIST, BIBI & TINA 1-5, LINDENBERG! MACH DEIN DING, SCHUMACHER, I, TONYA, MOONLIGHT, VAN GOGH, SOPHIA, DER TOD UND ICH, ANSELM – DAS RAUSCHEN DER ZEIT, PERFECT DAYS. At this year’s Berlinale, the latest DCM production SIEGER SEIN by Soleen Yusef is the opening film in the “Generation” category and is also in competition.