X Filme and DCM are planning a new program to support diversity in German film and TV industries called NewMotion. It works in the same way as job shadowing in the USA and Great Britain, with participants accompanying someone at their work for a few days. Observing professionals “over-the-shoulder” allows participants to learn established work processes, gain first contact and develop a realistic and nuanced impression of the role. Unlike a classic internship, the observer isn’t actually working with the film professional, but rather watching so that he/she can get a good idea of it what it entails. NewMotion is an idea by X Filme producer Jorgo Narjes and DCM producer Rosh Khodabakhsh.

Jorgo Narjes of X Filme says: “The German film industry has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to diversity. Not just in the diversity of the stories we tell, but also in the diversity of cast and crew, which don’t reflect the reality we live in. Our program has reduced bureaucracy, so that it can change this without creating any more large hurdles.”

Rosh Khodabakhsh of DCM comments: “With NewMotion we want to invite the whole film industry to work together to make it easier to enter film and TV careers. We all have the responsibility to lead by example here. At the same time, a project like NewMotion can contribute to Germany becoming a location for international coproductions by increasing its diversity and providing a long-term solution to the lack of skilled workers.”