Thomas Hoepker documentary in cinemas from June 30th

With photographs such as the famous Muhammad Ali series, Thomas Hoepker created a piece of contemporary history and is one of the best-known photographers of the internationally renowned agency MAGNUM PHOTOS. Hoepker has been living in his adopted home New York since 1976, working for many years for STERN and making a name for himself internationally and on all continents with his photo reportages and portraits. In 2017, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but decided to pursue one last dream – to drive through the US on a road trip together with his wife, Christine Kruchen.

“It makes me happy and also very proud to have been able to accompany the great Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker on the most personal photographic journey of his career. I knew his photos from my childhood, and I really wanted to understand the man behind these iconic images. But the pandemic really slammed us, and two weeks before shooting was due to start, we had to stop it completely due to coronavirus – we didn’t know even for how long. It’s almost a miracle that this passion project was finally able to be made and it makes me feel very humble. I hope that cinema audiences will also see the magic of this very special journey.”

Director Nahuel Lopez

DEAR MEMORIES accompanies Hoepker on this touching journey in a very unique way. In the midst of the Corona pandemic, he and his wife pack up their camper van and head off, travelling for ten weeks from the East Coast to the West Coast and back, all accompanied by a camera crew.

In DEAR MEMORIES, director Nahuel Lopez doesn’t just give us a portrait of the photographer Hoepker through personal dialogues and moments, but also exposes his unflagging passion for his photographic style, as well as the humorous and deeply compelling way he deals with his Alzheimer’s.

Distributed by DCM, DEAR MEMORIES – A JOURNEY WITH MAGNUM PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS HOEPKER is slated for release in cinemas on June 30th, 2022 and will celebrate its world premiere on May 6th at the 37th DOK.fest in Munich.