Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Norman (L-R)

With just a limited release, COME ON COME ON has taken the best cut of the year. Screening at only five cinemas in New York and Los Angeles, COME ON COME ON, a black and white drama by writer and director Mike Mills, started in 17th place with a turnover of $134,447. That might not sound like much at first, but statistically, A24’s new indie film, depicting the relationship between a radio journalist (Joaquin Phoenix) and his young nephew (newcomer Woody Norman), achieved the best return of the year with $26,889 per screen, beating THE FRENCH DISPATCH, which recouped $25,938 per screen, albeit with a greater presence at 52 cinemas.

According to A24, critics heralded Mike Mills’ heartwarming award nominee as one of the best films of the year. Surveys conducted during its opening weekend show that the film has received great publicity and makes us hopeful for its German release in 2022!