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Bel Canto

Paul Weitz
Juliane Moore
Sebastian Koch
Ken Watanabe
Christopher Lambert
Theatrical release date
10. October 2019

Evening gowns, champagne flutes and operatic arias. Gifted soprano singer Roxane Coss (Juliane Moore) is performing a private concert in South America for Japanese industrialist Katsumi Hosokawa at a reception in the Vice President’s palace.

It’s supposed to be a dazzling performance, but the festivities take a sudden terrifying turn when shots are fired and a group of heavily armed masked guerillas brutally take the society guests hostage. Agonizingly unaware of how long they will be held captive under the media’s gaze, it’s not just the prisoners and rebels who are getting closer.

Based on the bestselling novel by Ann Patchett, BEL CANTO is inspired by a real hostage taking which took place in the Japanese Embassy in Peru in 1996.