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Shadow Thieves

Felix von Muralt
Thomas Kern
Jean François Joly
Maurice Weiss
Luca Zanetti
Tomo Muscionico
Theatrical release date
30. May 2018

The photographer as a ferryman between past and present, the camera as a magnifying glass beneath which events solidify into a history of past deeds. Through long periods of observation SHADOW THIEVES becomes the involuntary witness to an upheaval that turns the lives of all five protagonists upside-down.

The film follows its central characters on three continents during their everyday lives and observes their different approaches and attempts to construct a new system which would allow them to both continue making a living and pursue their passion of becoming a photographer.

SHADOW THIEVES exposes the passion of creating images, participating in the here and now and reproducing our world.

Pictures can lie. This film is a manifesto of honesty.