10 Questions to…Wim Wenders

In our interview series we again ask "10 Questions to..." a person who is part of our stories. On this occasion, we have Wim Wenders in conversation this time. DCM will release two of his films in 2023, ANSELM AND PERFECT DAYS, which had their world premiere at this year's international film festival...

What can you bear only with humor?

Questionnaires. And people who take themselves too seriously.


Are you convinced of your self-criticism?

At first I am, but after a while often not anymore. But then, in the criticism of my self-criticism, I am merciless.


What could be held against you?

That I either keep quiet too much or, when I do talk, I talk too long.


Are you a good friend to yourself?

Absolutely! “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is the commandment. That is wise, but often the phrase “as thyself” is omitted. But to really appreciate others you must not be an enemy to yourself.


What don’t you do for money?

Change my beliefs. Or put others down, laugh at them, slander them. And certainly not take my clothes off, literally or figuratively.


What do you lack in happiness?

The question is unclear. Should it mean: A) What do you lack to be happy? Or B): What are you happy about that you lack? (Which would be the more interesting question…).

Answer to A) Very little. Except more time, but everyone lacks that more and more.

Answer to B) I am not resentful. And fortunately I lack any capacity for cynicism.


What fills you with hope?

Young people. And that every generation must, or rather may, reinvent its rules and their rules and their attitudes.


What invention could you not live without?

There is no invention that exists on its own. All the inventions we live with live with are interrelated. And because I’m a visual person, I deal with many inventions that are many inventions that have to do with seeing, with cameras, with lenses, with computers, with printers, with computers, with printers, with copies of digital or analogue kind, with books, with editing systems, etc. But they all depend on the greatest “invention”, and that is our eyes. No camera, no 3D, no VR, no computer, no AI comes close. Our eyes, and in general how the whole vision works, no invention can compete with that. invention can do. That’s why the invention that I couldn’t live without doesn’t exist. I have something much more beautiful, which was not invented.


If you could change something in your life overnight, what would it be?

Nothing. I don’t want to change my work or my age, and I don’t want to live in a different live in another country or speak another native language. I don’t want to change my friends and certainly not my wife or my faith. My life today is the result of what I have lived, also the result of mistakes from which I have been able to learn, at least to a large extent, at least to a large extent, I have been able to learn from. At the most, my memory could be a little better, but it was not so good in the past. And my skeleton leaves is beginning to leave something to be desired. Yes, but: if one could stop ailments, that would be it!


Do you dream, and if so, are there recurring dreams?

There used to be such recurring dreams, but not for a long time. I dream a lot, and often they are the most amazing movies with crazy scripts. Sometimes I write down dreams. And if there’s someone in them that I know well, I’ll occasionally tell them that.


Image: © Valery Hache